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Absence and Goals

Let me…just…clean this up…a bit. There we go. Phew. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. During my time away I have been working hard at getting an online shop open to sell my finished work. I also spent the greater part of 2015 working on knitting new Christmas stockings for my family.


After I made the first one, I shared it in one of my knitting and crocheting groups. The feedback included quite a few fellow knitters asking for the pattern information. This got me weighing yarn, making gauge swatches, and writing up the pattern. All this work and I couldn’t share the pattern with the group…even if someone asked me for it…per the groups rules saying I wrote the pattern. But oh well. So for that, I started my own Facebook group for all kinds of stitching – knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross stitch. It is small for now (mainly friends and friends of friends), but it’s growing.

Inspired by a bouquet of tulips I designed and wrote a crochet pattern for a child’s poncho.


Then it was on to a crochet scoodie,


a crochet circular child’s vest,


and knitted fingerless gloves.


As you can see I have been busy. Now on to the goals I spoke of in the title. One of my goals (my list for the year is never complete and can be added to at any time) this year is to write at least one new pattern per month. I figured this is obtainable saying the amount of projects that are swirling in my head at any time.

Oh, and I started papercrafting. Have I mentioned I 💜 creating things?

For the first time, I am truly, and happily comfortable.

Until next time (which will be very soon),
Ms. Craftsalot


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