Wow. So I was planning to come on here and make a promise that I will be back here more often to show what I’ve been up to, but it seems so similar to what I said almost exactly a month ago..51 weeks ago actually…when I last posted. I apparently can’t hide the fact that I am bad at this blog thing.

That being said. I am going try to avoid making the same promise. I will, instead, chose to make an easier to follow statement…I am going to make an effort to be more present on here.

At the beginning of last year I made the first New Years resolution I was actually able to keep. Yay me! My resolution was to write one new fiber arts pattern a month. Over the year I did manage to write at least one new crochet or knitting pattern a month. Now, with the new year, I’ve slowed down but I don’t have any intention on a complete stop to my pattern writing. I’m currently working on a knitting pattern for a shawl and I’m hoping to have it available for purchase by March 4th. You can find my patterns at Ravelry and both patterns and finished work at Etsy. You can also follow me (so far it’s been more regularly) on my Facebook page.

In other crafting news. I have been rubber stamping for a few years. Thanks to a joint effort between my mom-in-law and a very good friend of mine. Last fall, I started looking into being demonstrator for Stampin’ Up. I kinda shrugged it off and came back to the idea in January when I found out there was an extra benefit to joining during Sale-A-Bration.

Needless to say there is going to be a strong effort to post more cards and paper crafts on here. As well as a new YouTube channel coming soon for all my crafty endeavors.

With that, I will sign off for now.

Ms. Craftsalot


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