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Computer Problems and learning experiences

For those of you who didn’t know, both of my children are part of a virtual learning academy. The only draw backs to it are technology related. That being said, recently if anything goes wrong with our technology, it’s generally going to be on a Monday. Just another reason for me to dread Mondays. Two weeks ago, my mouse pad broke on my laptop. Enter in a strip of packing tape to hold the button on and keep it functional. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

The before and after of my computer “fix”.

Last week on Monday, our cable modem died causing my husband to exchange it, and me quickly packing up kids and computers to go to access the internet elsewhere.

This week on Monday, my son gets online to go to his class and there is NO sound coming from my computer…none. Not a peep. All the sound levels were checked and at max. Nothing. Not even that annoying side pop up notification made a sound. So I reinstalled said driver and still nothing. Enter my technological inclined daughter, and with 2 clicks I was back to hearing even the most annoying of computer sounds albiet after my son’s morning class was over. Meh, I’m just thrilled that I can hear things again.

In other, more crafty news, I did manage to record, edit, and upload my first YouTube tutorial. Yay!

The subject of my first YouTube tutorial.

I’m not exactly sure why something I chose to do felt so much like stepping out of my comfort zone. Despite the fact that there are mistakes in the video (one example is I say “stamp” when I was really punching…oops), I still uploaded it. I figure if I wait for a perfect video, I’ll never upload anything. I know I have much learning and growing to do. My tutorials will get better.

As a result of my first video and writing the description for it, I learned something new and I didn’t have to have my daughter’s help! My hyperlinks will be more accurate from now on.

Until next time…


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