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Snow, Keystrokes, and Cards

Last week started out with a snow storm. Well, with no measurable snow since before Christmas, the inch and a half of snow was a snow storm for us. Others got hit so much worse, but I’m cool with that. I mean, it’s after my birthday…it needs to be spring showers and flowers from here on. But naturally when you have agreed to help dig people out whenever they call, sometimes that “digging” is more like pushing a bit of snow around more than actual digging. Meh.

That same day; Monday, March 13th, I realized that my links that I had posted all over the internet were not working as I had wanted them to. So I spent the greater part of two days (one of which plans had been cancelled due to the snow storm so what better way than to pout?) trying to figure out my links. There were “Help me!” emails that went unanswered and Facebook posts that sent me to half informations, and a lot of groaning as I continued to get it wrong. But with all my persistance, by golly I got it! So I spent the rest of Tuesday redoing all my links. Yay! Now when you click a hyperlink, you ARE going to get to where I intend you to get. LOL.

I also uploaded a few videos over the last couple weeks.

This is an alternate card made using the February 2017 Paper Pumpkin kit. I know if you watch my videos you have heard me talk about Paper Pumpkin, but if you haven’t, I love my Paper Pumpkin subscription.
Then I figured with Sale-A-Bration being so close to ending, I’d do a couple cards featuring stamp sets that are available. This…

…is the first one I came up with. I just love this stamp set! That crazy “haired” chicken is so cute! I’ll just throw out that this is artistic representation…I’m sure there is no chickens running around in these colors, lol. I laughed at the thought of a society for chicken breeders messaging me that I didn’t color the chickens in realistically. Haha. I don’t want to offend anyone.😉
And finally, for this post (a couple weeks worth of post here, sorry)…this “thank you” card…

I think this is my favorite card of this post although it was a bit of an accident. The rhinestones in the middle of the flowers were a nice last minute add in as well.

Until next time…


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