Stampin Up

Country Livin’ and ‘Jama Days

Hello everyone!

I’ve spent this last week by doing more of the same. My camera problems of the week before seem to have been a fluke, but happenings last weekend and the beginning of the week made it impossible to find the time to go to my Lair to film. So that left Thursday to film three videos which meant my unspoken Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule totally didn’t work this week. Oops. So I have it more of a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule this week. I’m sure that YouTube isn’t going to mind that I am going to ***hopefully*** have four tutorials uploaded in four days (including Monday). LOL.

On top of the ability to film, Thursday was also the day that my husband went to pick up the parts he found to fix my truck!!! So it was fitting that my first card I made for the day was using a truck stamp.

My focus for this week was the Country Livin’ stamp set. When I purchased this set last summer, I fell in love with the truck as it closely resembles my dream truck. It’s not the super comfortable truck I have now, but I think that an older truck like the one on the stamp would be an interesting addition to our collection.

This is the card I came up with for the truck.


My watercolor pencils and Aqua Painter are once again heavily used this week. I love how easy and fast it is to have such beautifully colored and shaded work. Almost makes me feel as though I were an artist.

The second card I made this week uses the guitar. I found I liked this at a bit of an angle than I did straight up and down.


That leaves the boots. This was the last card I made for the week.

PicsArt_04-07-12.18.41This is a version of the Z-fold that wasn’t as photogenic as I had hoped. In order to get it to photograph for me I had to use a small paperclip to hold it closed. Needless to say, I’d worry about anyone who wasn’t sure how to open this card as it doesn’t want to stay closed. LOL


With that I was on to looking into what will be the focus on next week. I like a challenge so I am toying with the notion of doing another stamp set focus with added color combinations to work with. I guess we’ll see how that goes when I return.

Until next time…


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