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An Economy-sized Mess, “It’s Broke Again?!”, and Eastern Palace – A Craft Therapy Session

Okay, a long title for what seems to be a far too long week and a half.

Last week, on my way home from spending time with the cutest little member of the extended family, I noticed a lack of power and slowness from my truck. Something my husband dismissed. The next day, once again heard a clunk come from the bottom of my truck. Not a bang, or a thud, or a pop. A metallic clunk. Dismissed.

Now since the last time he fixed it we knew it had lost 4th gear. Survivable, driveable…for now, until it could get in to get repaired again. But the following day the noticable lack of power, the now glowing “service engine soon” light, and the transmission – although not bringing up its own warning – was getting warmer than usual which brought me complaining to my hubs once again. This time he plugged in the computer reader and it began spitting every possible error code for the transmission. Great. With closer inspection, a part had tried to blow out. A gentle tap caused part of it to fall off. Now my beloved truck is parked…again. Booger.

Well, saying I’m stuck at home, I might as well get some housework done. I took laundry load number one downstairs to throw in the washer. I went to fill my “dosing cup” with detergent from the 96-load container, and I realize there is detergent spilled all over the shelf. Thankfully, there is a lip on the shelf so that it didn’t all drain out onto other shelves and the floor. My son helped out by bringing down the other laundry basket (I used a shirt from each load to sop up the spilled detergent. No need to add more when the next load ends up in the washer.) and my husband tossed down an empty water jug (that my thrifty/wishful environmentally-friendly/cheap self had saved to refill at the store) so I could preserve the remaining detergent. I guess I did need to organize that shelf anyway. LOL

Now enough about me, let’s talk about crafts for a bit. Stampin’ Up! is preparing to do an early release of the Eastern Palace Suite from the new 2017-2018 catalog! They are doing this by putting together 2 bundles, each with their own free gift. That are going to be available on May 1st, 2017. I’ll be posting photos of the projects using this bundle in my upcoming post. 

Then for those of you who are Paper Pumkin subscribers, the “A Sara Thing” (April 2017) refill kit is now available! In the USA…I’m not sure about other countries – in which case contact your local demonstrator.

Well, I had better get back to my Craft Lair. So many things to do, such little time.

Until next time…


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