Life, Stampin Up

Busy Days, Almost Summer Break, Rain…again?

So I checked my blog post dates and realized it has been nearly three weeks since my last post. Yikes! I feel as though I have neglected my blog, but then again it doesn’t seem all THAT long ago since I last posted saying I have been so busy.

My children are schooled at home using a virtual public school. This means that they are not immune to testing. Plus, with a daughter leaving middle school to *choke* take on high school, there are “end of year” school projects all over the house along with warnings of video recordings taking place. Not to mention her extra club projects she’s working on. Meanwhile, my son is finishing up his book work and last test of the school year! Of course neither of them are going to get out of doing stuff over the summer. I got books to read for fun and workbooks to fine tune things learned over the year but perhaps not quite mastered.

The concentration level, though, took a big hit at the end of last week due to summer-like weather finally hitting us! 60° F and sunny made everyone want to open windows, then upper 70’s came and people closed windows to turn on their central air. (Silly people, that is nothing like it could really get. Wait until it hits the upper 90’s!) Then came the severe weather with tornadoes to the north and south of us and trees in our city and surrounding cities either losing branches or being completely knocked over. Those were just 60-70 mph winds…but still.

Now to the “Card of the Post”. I also had my first Cuppa and a Card (my take on coffee and a card) last weekend. It was a small group, but we had fun. I am going to be having another Cuppa and a Card in June (2017) and I am planning on making it a regular thing. Also I am going to be having a Techniques workshop in July (2017).

This is the result of this latest session.

I absolutley love this Dragonfly Dreams stamp set. I also got the coordinating dies to go with it. I have more fun plans to do with this set!

So until next time…


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