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Car Show, End of School Year Outing, and Cards


When I left you last, I was preparing for a couple days “off” while spending time with my husband. The destination was a car show called Automotion in Wisconsin Dells (about an hour an a half journey). He spent the night before putting the finishing touches on the car. It seems to always be a late night crunch before this particular car show for the past four years now. This year it was his Acura Integra which he just painted a shade of orange.


Now for those of you, probably a lot of you, who don’t know what Automotion is, it is a weekend of crusing up and down the main roads of Wisconsin Dells. People lining up along the roads to take pictures and give their praise to cars they like. We drive past all the normal summer attractions with parking lots either taped off or full of cars, mainly the imported models – like ours or trucks. There is a car show to get out and walk around, or so I hear, although it mainly consists of classic cars so I haven’t walked through it. Evidence supports this as I have seen the older model cars pulling out of the parking lot.

Generally the weather is beautiful, warm and sunny. This year, not so much. The rainy cleared up before we arrived, but it was quite chilly. Although Jon blames the fact that we were there on Friday instead of our usual Saturday, I think the weather was the reason cars were so thin this year. On a typical Saturday the traffic is bumper to bumper up the main part of the main drag. Lights turn green and you have to fight to turn because another light is red preventing a flow of traffic. (They really should change that, lol.) There are still cars attempting to turn when the light turns red. This year, cars were in “clumps”. But we still saw some pretty nice cars. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good photo of my favorite car and I only saw it once.

The next big thing to happen was the End of School Outing for my childrens’ virtual school. We chose to go to the zoo, which was one of four outings the same day all over the state. My daughter received a Certificate of Completion for Middle School. I officially have a high schooler on my hands. She was able to meet up with the greater majority of her gamer group. This consists of kids from all over the state, so to get this amount of kids together in one space (besides in the Hangouts chatroom) was a bit of a feat.

So as I followed the group around the zoo, I snapped photos. The photos below are my favorite animal photos of the day…













After all that, I will get to the cards. I wanted to make “Thank You” gifts for the teachers this year. My daughter will be moving on to new teachers in the fall, and my son will have the same teachers.

These are the note card sets I came up with for them. (2 so far – 3 more to pop in the mail this week). Please pardon the dark photos. I tried to photograph in a different room…it didn’t work so well.


I got the idea for these folders from my upline. They were made using a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock, three different DSPs, and twine I had left over from Paper Pumpkin. I also used fasteners from my LCS.


These are the coordinating notecards. They are my standard 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards. The darkness of this card makes the card on the right appear to have a piece cut out…it doesn’t. It’s actually the Fresh Fig cardstock stamped with Fresh Fig.


This set was made using Sweet Sugarplum cardstock, retired DSP, and Paper Pumpkin stamps. I know, I know. My real excuse for this is that my son wanted the DSP with butterflies for his teacher.


And there we have it. Another post, more cards, and an over abundance of photos. I hope you all are keeping well!

Until next time…


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