Just A Snip

I enjoy making crafts including knitting, crocheting, quilting, and sewing. In 1987, I learned the basics of crochet and have continued to expand on my ability. As of 2005, I was teaching myself to knit. Thanks to a beautiful blanket I just had to make for my daughter. I began quilting in 2009 with a baby quilt for my son which led to the wonderful discovery of the fabric department. That autumn I began making lounge pants for myself and my children. This led me to having double closet solely devoted to my fiber art supplies.

In February 2017, I took on another title, Independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I was introduced to papercrafting and card making over 10 years ago. With some time, leaving it and then coming back to it last year, I have added it to my “I do that!” list. That, of course, naturally led me to starting my YouTube channel. Currently it only has card tutorials, but in time I am planning on also including fiber arts tutorials as well.

Although I would love to get into my local Farmer’s Market, I believe I found a nearly as good (if not better) outlet for my creativity that I didn’t have to wait on a mile-long waiting list for…Etsy and Ravelry will be where to find me.


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