Knit Socks – A Personal Challenge

As if my stamping wasn't enough to keep me occupied. I recently challenged myself to make my first pairs of socks. Although I have quite a few years of crocheting and knitting on my knitting resume , I still have things that I am timid to do. I set challenges for myself to do those… Continue reading Knit Socks – A Personal Challenge

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FAQ #1: “Isn’t ‘handmade’ expensive?”

When I was asked this the other day, I was kind of shocked. I've been crafting since I can remember so for me, I hardly looked at the actual cost of 'handmade'. My response was, "If you're going to look at it with Big Box Store prices in your mind, of course it is going… Continue reading FAQ #1: “Isn’t ‘handmade’ expensive?”

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Be Careful What You Wish For, Busy Days, Hectic Nights

Remember when I said I haven't really done anything remarkable? That streak was broken with endless home parties (hosting and attending) for just about everything. Running around from here to there and back again, has left me no time to plan, prep and film so my YouTube channel has been neglected. I did, however, have… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For, Busy Days, Hectic Nights

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Oh So Eclectic – Stampin’ Up!

I have yet to feel as though I have done something remarkable. I do, however, have cards to share with you. This week's focus was on the Oh So Eclectic stamp set. The first card is a simple card which I used Berry Burst as a card base, but you could make it even simpler by stampin directly onto… Continue reading Oh So Eclectic – Stampin’ Up!

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Heat Waves, Baseball, Sewing, Crocheting and Card-Making

Hello! I wish I could say that I have done some remarkable things the last couple weeks, but I can't. That warm weather we have been asking for finally hit us full strength so you hear the buzz from our central air conditioning unit in the background of my latest round of videos. Something, I… Continue reading Heat Waves, Baseball, Sewing, Crocheting and Card-Making