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Wishful Thinking, Knitting, and Cancer Sucks.

I wish I could sit here a type the words describing and share photos of amazing cards I've made in the past couple weeks. At this point I can't even brag about spending any more than a couple minutes in my craft room. I can, however, tell you that everything seems to continue to be… Continue reading Wishful Thinking, Knitting, and Cancer Sucks.



Wow. So I was planning to come on here and make a promise that I will be back here more often to show what I've been up to, but it seems so similar to what I said almost exactly a month ago..51 weeks ago actually...when I last posted. I apparently can't hide the fact that… Continue reading 2017…Changes?

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Absence and Goals

Let me...just...clean this up...a bit. There we go. Phew. It's been a while since I've been here. During my time away I have been working hard at getting an online shop open to sell my finished work. I also spent the greater part of 2015 working on knitting new Christmas stockings for my family. After… Continue reading Absence and Goals